Convert VTT to Text(.txt) Subtitles

Free online tool designed for converting WebVTT(.vtt) subtitle files to Text(.txt) format effortlessly.

How to Effortlessly Convert VTT to TXT?

  1. Upload Your VTT File: Begin the conversion process by uploading your WebVTT subtitle file (.vtt). Navigate to the upload section and choose the VTT file you want to convert to TXT.
  2. Select "Plain Text (.txt)": Personalize your output format by selecting the desired option. Opt for "Plain Text (.txt)" to convert your VTT file into a straightforward text format, ensuring compatibility with various text editors and applications.
  3. Initiate the Conversion: Once your preferences are set, start the conversion process by clicking "Convert." Your file will securely upload to our server, where the conversion will occur quickly and efficiently.
  4. Download Your TXT File: Wait a few seconds for the conversion to complete, which will change your VTT file into plain text format. Once completed, you can download your converted TXT file, which is now ready to use in your choice text-based apps.

Details about VTT to TXT Conversion:

VTT (WebVTT - Web Video Text Tracks):

  • Format: VTT is a modern, versatile subtitle format developed specifically for web applications.
  • Content: Similar to SRT, VTT includes timecodes and text content for each subtitle entry. It may also include additional features like styling, positioning, and metadata.



    00:00:10.500 --> 00:00:13.000
    This is the first subtitle.

    00:00:15.000 --> 00:00:18.000
    And here is the second one.

TXT (Plain Text):

  • Format: TXT is a simple and versatile plain text format.
  • Content: It contains text without any special formatting, making it suitable for various applications.


    This is the first subtitle.

    And here is the second one.

Why Convert to TXT?

  • Simplicity: TXT files are plain and straightforward, making them easy to work with and compatible with various systems.
  • Versatility: Plain text subtitles can be used across different multimedia players and platforms without any compatibility issues.
  • Accessibility: TXT files are accessible and easily editable using basic text editors, ensuring seamless integration into your content creation workflow.

In conclusion, converting your VTT subtitles to plain text (.txt) provides a simple and versatile solution for integrating subtitles into your multimedia content. Whether you're creating videos for online platforms, streaming services, or HTML5 video players, the TXT format ensures widespread compatibility and ease of use. Try our VTT to TXT converter today for a hassle-free conversion experience.

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