Convert SRT to Text(.txt) Subtitles

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Easy Steps to Convert SRT to TXT for Your Videos

  1. Upload Your SRT File: Start by uploading your SubRip subtitle file (.srt). Visit the upload section, choose your SRT file, and get ready for a quick transformation to TXT.
  2. Choose "Text File (.txt)": Personalize your output by selecting the desired format. Opt for "Text File (.txt)" to ensure compatibility with various multimedia players. Feel free to explore other available formats if needed.
  3. Initiate the Conversion: With your preferences set, kickstart the conversion process by clicking on "Convert." Your file will be securely uploaded for a fast and efficient conversion.
  4. Download Your TXT File: Please wait for a few seconds as your SRT file converts into a TXT file. Once ready, download your converted TXT file and seamlessly integrate it into your multimedia content.

Details about SRT to TXT Conversion:

SRT (SubRip Subtitle) and TXT (Plain Text) are two widely used formats for subtitles in videos, providing synchronized text representation of spoken content. Here's a brief explanation of each:

SRT (SubRip Subtitle):

  • Format: SRT is a straightforward text-based subtitle format with numbered entries.
  • Content: Each entry includes a sequential number, a timecode indicating when the subtitle should appear and disappear, and the actual text content.


    00:00:10,500 --> 00:00:13,000
    This is the first subtitle.

    00:00:15,000 --> 00:00:18,000
    And here is the second one.

TXT (Plain Text):

  • Format: TXT is a simple and versatile plain text format.
  • Content: It contains text without any special formatting, making it suitable for various applications.


    This is the first subtitle.

    And here is the second one.

In conclusion, while SRT is a basic and widely supported subtitle format, converting to TXT provides a simpler, text-only representation, making it suitable for a wide range of video content. Upgrade your multimedia experience today!

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